4 Recommended Online Travel Booking Sites to Choose

Traveling is a fun hobby to do when a long weekend or holiday comes. You should make a good plan to create beautiful moments during your traveling. It is great to get the help of online travel booking sites to handle your needs. Those are ready for serving all your needs during the holiday. Here is the list of travel booking sites to choose.

4 Recommended Online Travel Booking Sites to Choose

1.    Booking.com

It was established in 1996 in Amsterdam, Netherland. Booking.Com has developed from a small startup to being the world’s largest e-commerce company. If you have a plan for traveling abroad, you should try to use this travel booking site. With a brand of OTA, you will get access to a million hotels in several countries with great destinations. It is supported by accurate information. This site describes all benefits that you will get when you stay a night in a hotel. For the payment method, you don’t get worried. You can pay directly in a hotel when you check in or check out.

2.    Agoda

Agoda can help you to find the right hotel where to travel in usa. Agoda was initially established in 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. This company offers best price guarantee giving the same price rate and even sometimes cheaper than the other sites. If you want to have a holiday in the Asian Pacific, this site is very right because it often gives promos. For further information, this company does a DP payment for the ordered rooms. You must prepare a credit card before booking it.

3.    Expedia 

Expedia is an online traveling booking site. It is founded in America having operating several online travel brands such as Hotels.Com, Expedia.com, Hotwire.com, Trivago, Orbitz, Venere.com, Travelocity, dan HomeAway. Expedia has some choices. You can order a hotel room only or included packages like an airplane ticket and hotel rooms. For Expedia, you can conduct two payment methods. Firstly, you can pay it in a hotel and secondly in a dp payment.

4.    Airbnb

Airbnb serves a homy in service enabling the users to register or rent a property to use in a short time. The rental price is applied by the property owner. Airbnb was established in August 2008 and office in San Francisco, California. For the backpackers, this site is very suitable because you can get a cheap price from the property owner. This online travel booking site gives you the experience to be local people there.

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