The Recommended and Best Travel Websites for Flights

If you are living in a country like the US, which is a very large country, traveling from one area to another can be easier if using an airplane. Today, there are various ways to book your flights, be it online or offline. The online flight ticket booking is also becoming more convenient. In some occasions, several OTA or Online Travel Agencies are offering discounted tickets to various areas in the country. Therefore, knowing the best travel websites for flights is a good thing.

 The Recommended and Best Travel Websites for Flights


As one of the popular OTAs in the country, Priceline has a unique feature called Name Your Own Price. The bookings are opaque and there are various discounts when you choose your tickets. The downside is that the details of the flight and everything is hidden until you complete the booking. But, the unique feature mentioned before has been stopped by Priceline and now they are similar to the common OTAs in the market.

Comparing Priceline with the other OTAs, the price is relatively the same with the price offered by the airline's websites. But in general, you still can utilize Priceline as the ballpark of how much money you will spend on a flight compared to the other websites.


Hotwire is also one of the most popular OTAs in the country that already been operating since 20 years ago. What makes people love Hotwire is the simple web interface. You just have to write your departure and arrival cities in the search box, along with the dates of the flight. Once you fill the necessary information, then you can click the flight search button.

This OTA offers you a great discount if you book both flight ticket and the accommodation. Many people receiving pop-ups when they are about to book the flight ticket. The pop-up is about saving a good amount of money by booking both the hotel accommodation and the flight ticket.  Many people have also already compared the package offered by Hotwire and purchasing the flight and hotel accommodation separately. The package offered by the Hotwire will save you a lot of money, so you can consider that option.

In some occasions during your flight ticket searching, you might see the Hot Rate flight. These flights have no certainty in the carrier that can be brought, the number of stops, and the exact times before you complete the purchase. The price can be as low as $20 but you have to be flexible in order to take the cheap flight. It is quite a deal but there is not much money to save from the Hot Rate flight.


Compared to the previous two, Kayak is a different option for flight ticket hunters. It is a search engine optimized to search the best flight ticket on the internet. If you don't trust any of the OTAs in your country, then you can try to use Kayak as an alternative. It compares various process offered by a lot of websites. After seeing the comparison, you can pick the one that suits with your preference.

The greatest thing from Kayak is that you can book a round-trip ticket with two different airlines. This is a feature that can't be done in the majority of OTA and other search engines. By booking a round-trip ticket with two different airlines, you can save a good amount of money compared to booking it on the same airline.


Hopper is a unique app that will offer you predictions of the best time to buy a flight ticket. They claim that if you use the app, you can save money up to 40% on flights. Once you access the application, you will see a color-coded map. It shows when is the ticket is the cheapest and when it will be expensive. If you currently have a flexible schedule, then you can try to monitor the flight ticket price for the whole month using Hopper apps.


Travelocity is one of the oldest OTAs in the country. It has served various customers around the world since 1996. The best features from Travelocity is the free cancellation within 24 hours after the booking and Price Match Guarantee (PMG). If you are using the PMG feature, you will get the refunding price difference. You will also get a $50 coupon for your future booking of flights or hotel and flight packages in Travelocity.

The terms for the guarantee is quite common. The cheaper tickets should be reserved for any of the US websites within 24hours after the booking. There is also Travelocity Bargain Fares. The flight tickets here have no details until you complete the purchase. So it is a wise option if you are flexible on the schedule and want to save a good amount of money.


Similar to Kayak, Momondo is also a travel-based search engine. You will find various flight tickets and they are easier to find rather than using the standard search engine such as Bing or Google. The home page of Momondo is quite simple because there is only a simple search box with departure and arrival destination along with the dates and number of tickets you will buy.

The best thing about Momondo is its visual. You will be given a visually pleasing price comparison. You can also easily get a cheaper flight only by changing the dates. There is also a feature called price tracker and various filtering options. Momondo also offers you a round-trip ticket with two different airlines, which can save you a good amount of money compared to buying a round-trip ticket from the same airline.


Have been operating since 2001, Orbitz is a trusted OTA that has been used by a lot of people. What makes Orbitz different is the feature called Orbitz Rewards. The reward is in a form of Orbucks. You can get Orbucks if you book hotels, vacation packages, or flights by using Orbitz. The downside of this reward is that it can only be used to book hotels.

One percent of your flight ticket fee will be converted into Orbucks. Which means that you will get 5 Orbucks if you book a $500 flight ticket. You don't have to pay any fee to enjoy the Orbitz reward feature. Amongst the best travel websites for flights, probably Orbitz is the best one with the unique Orbucks reward.

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